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Post by Wrynn Korda on Tue 14 Apr - 22:35

Article 1:

The present parties in this alliance have to claim imperialist, monarchic or nationalist ideas.

Article 2:

Every members are equals, whatever are their parties.

Article 3:

Any insults or threats to other members of the alliance are banned. If it occurred, grave penalties will be applied (suspension, exclusion,...).

Article 4:

Relationships between EDEN (formaly it exist on eRepublik page), CoT, TWO or any other alliance in eWorld should never affect on relations between parties in this alliance.

Article 5:

Every 20 of the month, a president of the alliance will be elected and a federal council will be named and will contain at least one member of every party.

Article 6:

The election system for president of the alliance is in rotation every month so that everyone can taste leadership and take full responsibility. No coalition in this alliance is allowed, also all the parties can become President of the alliance.

Article 7:

The federal council have to vote the most important decisions and only the president of the alliance can promulgate the laws and the decisions voted by the federal council. 66% of the vote are required for accept a law. Between 50 and 66% the president has the last word.

Article 8:

If a party wants to join our alliance, the current members will discuss and will decide unanimously if the party can join the alliance or not. If a decision delays being taken, the federal council will vote.

Article 9:

If a party is not active, the federal council can vote for its exclusion (66 % of the votes are required).

Article 10:

A party can ask for a loan of Golds or CC to the members of the alliance. This demand will be submitted to the federal council which will debate and will vote. 66 % of positive votes will be required.

Article 11:

The official organisation of the alliance is

There will be 2 categories (because it is the MB organisation):

- 1 : MB budget, no one except the PP of Mouvement Bonapartiste can use them.

- 2 : Alliance budget : only the President of the alliance can use them and all the parties can donate to organisation.

Article 12:

The official IRC channel is #MINGO (server Rizon). The presence of the members of federal council and the president of the alliance is wished.

Article 13:

Every month this document will have a revision in order for better functionality of alliance and to make the document acceptable for potential new members (parties).

Article 14:

If a party want us to vote an article, others members have to vote it. A platform will be make.

Article 15:

If a party risks to be PTO, every others party of the alliance will have to send members of their party to prevent it.

Article 16:

If a member of a party wants to discover a country whose party is a member of the alliance, he can ask to be welcomed by this party. Diplomatics exchange can also possible.
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