[BiH] eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret

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[BiH] eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret

Post by Wrynn Korda on Fri 17 Apr - 19:56

Official topic for the eBNP
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Re: [BiH] eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret

Post by Nightwolf123 on Wed 22 Apr - 19:13

eBosnjacki Nacionalni Pokret (engl: eBosniaks National Movement) is party from eBosnia and Herzegovina, small country on eBalkan penisula.

Menagment of party from 15th April is:

President:                Nightwolf123
Vice president:         Drug Bobo
Secretary General:    Zemlja
Councillor:               Nedo bog bana 2 acc
Spokesman:             Doctor.Osmic

Official web page: www.bnp.sznbih.com
Party have own charter: http://tinyurl.com/StatutNEWeBNP
Chat place on our page: http://bnp.sznbih.com/Konferencijaska_sala.php (locked when we have party meetings)
Official organisation: http://www.erepublik.com/en/economy/citizen-accounts/3858134
Official newspaper: http://www.erepublik.com/en/newspaper/ebnp-sluzbene-novine-291543/1

It si no1 party in eBosnia and Herzegovina
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